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1EEHelmut Bölcskei, T. Stranz, Franz Hlawatsch, Ralph Sucher: Subband Image Coding Using Cosine Modulated Filter Banks with Perfect Reconstruction and Linear Phase. ICIP (2) 1997: 594-597

Coauthor Index

1Cemal Akçaba [16] [36] [38]
2Daniel S. Baum [15]
3Moritz Borgmann [8] [11]
4Andreas Burg [11] [20]
5Davide Cescato [29]
6Pedro Coronel [19] [25] [31] [34]
7Pierre Duhamel [4]
8Giuseppe Durisi [18] [26] [27] [30] [37]
9Yonina C. Eldar [6] [21] [32]
10Markus Gärtner [25] [34]
11Graham C. Goodwin [28]
12Richard Heusdens [2]
13Franz Hlawatsch [1] [3] [5]
14Rima Hleiss [4]
15Joakim Jalden [35]
16Augustus J. E. M. Janssen (A. J. E. M. Janssen) [2]
17F. W. Kneubuhler [7]
18Gernot Kubin [5]
19Patrick Kuppinger [16] [30] [32]
20Veniamin I. Morgenshtern [13] [17] [37]
21Rohit U. Nabar [7] [9]
22Ozgur Oyman [9]
23Arogyaswami Paulraj [9]
24H. Vincent Poor (Harold Vincent Poor) [27]
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26Ulrich G. Schuster [12] [26] [27]
27Dominik Seethaler [23] [24] [35]
28Shlomo Shamai [18] [26]
29T. Stranz [1]
30Christoph Studer [11] [20] [22] [23] [33] [35]
31Ralph Sucher [1]
32Rik Theunis [2]
33J. Thukral [14]
34Samuli Visuri [10]
35Markus Wenk [11]

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