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1Sebastian Briesemeister [23] [28] [29] [31]
2Malte Brinkmeyer [21]
3David Bryant [1]
4Quang Bao Anh Bui [25] [28] [29] [33]
5Andreas W. M. Dress [1]
6Thasso Griebel [21]
7Katharina Jahn [24]
8Hans-Michael Kaltenbach [9] [13] [14] [16]
9Birte Kehr [35]
10Gunnar W. Klau [23] [31]
11Oliver Kohlbacher [22]
12Matthias C. Letzel [12] [30]
13Zsuzsanna Lipták [7] [10] [12] [17] [20] [30]
14Veli Mäkinen [8] [19]
15Marcel Martin [20]
16Julia Mixtacki [24]
17Tim W. Nattkemper [18] [22] [26]
18Anton Pervukhin [12] [20] [30] [34]
19Sven Rahmann [13]
20Florian Rasche [27] [32] [35]
21Alexandra Scherbart [18] [22] [26]
22Patrick Seeber [33]
23Mike A. Steel (Michael Anthony Steel) [1]
24Tamara Steijger [32]
25Jens Stoye [24]
26Henner Sudek [20]
27Wiebke Timm [18] [22] [26]
28Anke Truß [25] [28] [29] [33]
29Andreas Wilke [16]

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