Jozsef Bíró

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4EERobert Szabo, Peter Barta, Felician Németh, Jozsef Bíró: Call Admission Control in Generalized Processor Sharing (GPS) Schedulers Using Non-Rate Proportional Weighting of Sessions. INFOCOM 2000: 1243-1252
3EERóbert Szabó, Peter Barta, Felician Németh, Jozsef Bíró: Worst-Case Deterministic Delay Bounds for Arbitrary Weighted Generalized Processor Sharing Schedulers. NETWORKING 2000: 727-739
2 András Faragó, Jozsef Bíró, Tamás Henk, Miklós Boda: Analog Neural Optimization for ATM Resource Management. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 15(2): 156-164 (1997)
1 Jozsef Bíró, Edith Halász, Tibor Trón, Miklós Boda, Gábor Privitzky: Neural Networks for Exact Constrained Optimization. ICANN 1996: 537-542

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