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1 Sio Iong Ao: Incorporating Correlated Markets' Prices into Stock Modeling with Neural Network. Modelling and Simulation 2003: 353-358

Coauthor Index

1Oscar Castillo [7] [11]
2Pranay Chaudhuri [7]
3David Wai-Lok Cheung (David W. Cheung) [3]
4F. Cheung [9]
5Yiu-ming Cheung [6]
6Craig Douglas [11]
7David Dagan Feng [7] [11]
8Pui-Yee Fong [3] [9]
9Leonid Gelman [10] [12]
10Joshua Zhexue Huang (Zhexue Huang) [6]
11David W. L. Hukins [10]
12Andrew Hunter [10]
13P. Kao [9]
14A. M. Korsunsky [10]
15J. S. H. Kwan [9]
16Jeong-A. Lee [7] [11]
17Mark Junjie Li [6]
18Ian Melhado [3]
19Michael K. Ng (Michael Kwok-Po Ng) [3] [4] [6] [8] [9]
20Pak Chung Sham [3] [6] [8] [9]
21Kevin Y. Yip [3]

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