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Coauthor Index

1Lionel C. Briand [19] [20]
2Michael J. Burrell [24]
3Mark Daley [24]
4Rui Fu [13]
5Alex Groce [26]
6Susmita Haldar [21]
7Fatima Hussain [27]
8Yvan Labiche [19] [20]
9Yong Lei [18] [21]
10Felix Chun Hang Li [21] [23]
11Vicky D. Liu [13]
12Hanan Lutfiyya (Hanan Lutfi Lutfiyya) [10]
13Tim Menzies [23]
14Duncan J. Murdoch [25]
15Akbar Siami Namin [20] [22] [25]
16Melissa Weston [26]
17Ru-Gang Xu [26]
18Yingjun Zhang [9] [15]

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