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93K. Sato [37]
94Yoshiyuki Sato [91]
95Munehisa Sekikawa [110]
96Yoshifumi Sekine [22]
97Yutaka Shimada [125]
98Tateo Shimozawa [17]
99Manish Dev Shrimali [98] [101] [105]
100Sudeshna Sinha [101]
101Kazutaka Someya [22]
102Hiromichi Suetani [109]
103Hideyuki Suzuki [17]
104Taiji Suzuki [71]
105Takayuki Suzuki [123]
106Hayato Takahashi [44]
107Takashi Takemoto [96]
108Gouhei Tanaka [46] [67] [114]
109Hideki Tanaka [120]
110Takuya Taniguchi [62]
111Youshan Tao [111]
112Isao Tokuda [8] [41]
113Ryuji Tokunaga [41]
114Ryota Tomioka [81] [83] [100]
115Masashi Toyoda [102]
116Taro Toyoizumi [59] [79] [90] [91]
117Hirokazu Tozaki [107]
118Takashi Tsubouchi [110]
119Ichiro Tsuda [99]
120Shigeki Tsuji [38] [53] [72] [95]
121Hiroshi Tsujino [70] [71] [116]
122Minoru Tsukada [6]
123Kunichika Tsumoto [45] [75]
124Tetsushi Ueta [38] [53] [72] [95]
125Alexandre Wagemakers [78]
126Bing Wang [127] [128]
127Rui-Sheng Wang [118] [119]
128Ruiqi Wang [69] [73] [74] [80]
129Xufa Wang [29]
130Yong Wang [113]
131Zhijie Wang [94]
132Hidenori Watanabe [49]
133Masataka Watanabe [9] [20] [26] [49] [56] [70]
134Michiko Yamana [61] [65]
135Tatsuo Yanagita [109]
136Kenichi Yoshikawa [93]
137Tetsuya Yoshinaga [45] [75]
138Zhenya Zhang [29]
139Xing-Ming Zhao [108] [113] [118] [119]
140Tianshou Zhou [69]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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