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Coauthor Index

1Gamal H. Abdel-Hamid [11]
2Louai Al-Awami [24]
3Abdullah Al-Mutawa [22] [23]
4Maher Al-Sherif [18]
5R. J. Bolton [7] [14]
6Hasan Çam (Hasan Cam) [20]
7H. Choy [3] [7] [9]
8Henry Fernandes [19]
9Lakshmikanth Ghatraju [12]
10G. A. Hamid [17]
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14M. I. Mahroos [8]
15Carl McCrosky [5] [10] [12] [13] [16] [21]
16Mohamed Osman [18]
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18Sudarsan Tandri [5]
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20Yuke Wang [16]
21Yanbing Xu [13]
22Yanging Xu [21]
23Safwat G. Zaky [1] [4] [6]

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