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10. RSP 1999: Clearwater, Florida, USA

Proceedings of the Tenth IEEE International Workshop on Rapid System Prototyping (RSP 1999), 16-18 June, 1999, Clearwater, Florida, USA. IEEE Computer Society, online publication: http://computer.org/proceedings/rsp/0246/0246toc.htm

Session 1: Communication and Distributed Systems

Session 2: Reconfigurable Architectures

Session 3: Reuse

Session 4: Formal Methods

Session 5: CASE Studies

Session 6: Special Session: Rapid Prototyping of Embedded Systems with Hard Time Constraints

Session 7: Partitioning, Scheduling and Performance Analysis

Session 8: Overview and Comparison

Session 9: Design Methodologies

Session 10: Interface Technologies

Session 11: Re-Engineering Technologies

Session 12: FPGA-Based Design

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