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5. ISORC 2002: Washington, DC, USA

Fifth IEEE International Symposium on Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing, 29 April - 1 May 2002, Washington, D.C., USA. IEEE Computer Society, 2002, online publication: http://computer.org/proceedings/isorc/1558/1558toc.htm

Trends in Industry

Real-Time Java

Distributed Computing Systems

WCET Analysis and Scheduling

Real-Time Databases and Scheduling

Object-Oriented Programming and Applications

Distributed Real-Time Computing and Testing

Fault Tolerance and Real-Time CORBA

Embedded Systems and Aspect-Oriented Programming

Operating Systems and Middleware


RT-UML and Simulation

QoS and Component-Based Software

Panel II: Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing

Real-Time Object Models

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