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INFOCOM 1992: Florence, Italy - Volume 1

Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM '92, The Conference on Computer Communications, Eleventh Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies, One World through Communications, May 4-8, 1992, Florence, Italy. IEEE, 1992, 0-7803-0602-3, Volume 1

Session 1A: Bandwidth Allocation

Session 1B: Optical Networks 1

Session 1C: Video Modelling

Session 1D: Buffering in ATM Switches

Session 2A: Routing

Session 2B: DQDB Enhancements

Session 2C: Finite Buffer Queues

Session 2D: Error Control and Buffering Hardware

Session 3A: Congestion Control and Scheduling for BISDN

Session 3B: FDDI

Session 3C: Queueing Analysis Techniques

Session 3D: ATM Switching

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