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ICRA 1994: San Diego, CA, USA

Proceedings of the 1994 International Conference on Robotics and Automation, San Diego, CA, USA, May 1994, Volume 2. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1994, ISBN 0-8186-5330-2

Manipulator Control

Force Control

Path Planning I

Kinematics I

Walking Robots II

Distributed Robot Systems

Motion Estimation

Design Methodology



Geometric Methods

Low Level Control

Impedance / Admitance Control

Multi-Robot Motion Planning

Mechanisms I

Mobile Robot Navigation

Walking Robots III

Sensor Planning

Fault Detection and Error Recovery

Inspection and Servicing

Teleoperation and Telepresence II

Assembly Planning II

Actuators II


Dynamics II


Motion Planning II

Performance Measures

Mobile Robots I

Simple Sensors and End Effectors

Sensor Fusion II

Petri Net Applications

Medical Robtics

Human-Machine Interaction

Contact Sensing

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