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ICPP 1985: University Park, PA, USA

International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP '85), University Park, PA, USA, August 1985. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1985

Session 1a: Parallel Algorithms -I

Session 1b: Vector/Array Processing

Session 1c: Problem Mapping and Scheduling

Session 2a: Parallel Architectures

Session 2b: Systolic Systems

Session 2c: Logic Programming

Session 3a: Operating System Problems

Session 3b: Parallel Algorithms/ Simulation

Session 3c: Parallel Computation

Session 4a: languages for Parallel Processing

Session 4b: Memory Management

Session 4c: Numeric Processing

Session 5a: Interconnection Networks - I

Session 5b: Data Flow

Session 5c: Parallel Algiorithms

Session 6a: Interconnection Networks

Session 6b: Numeric Computing

Session 6c: Parallel Programming

Session 7a: Network Performance

Session 7b: Aspects of Parallel Systems

Session 7c: Data Flow -II

Session 8a: Performance Measurement

Session 8b: Logic Programming / Production Systems

Session 8c: Parallel Systems - II

Session 9a: Expressing Parallelism

Session 9b: Parallell Systems - II

Session 10a: Mesh-Structured Systems

Session 10b: Problem Mapping Techniques

Session 10c: Systolic Systems

Session 11a: The IBM Research Parallel Processor

Session 11b: Fault Tolerance and Reliability

Session 12a: Functional / Numeric Programming

Session 12b: Sorting

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