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ICMS 2006: Castro Urdiales, Spain

Andrés Iglesias, Nobuki Takayama (Eds.): Mathematical Software - ICMS 2006, Second International Congress on Mathematical Software, Castro Urdiales, Spain, September 1-3, 2006, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4151 Springer 2006, ISBN 3-540-38084-1 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML

New Developments on Computer Algebra Packages

Interfacing Computer Algebra and Mathematical Visualization

Software for Algebraic Geometry and Related Topics

Number Theoretical Software

Methods in Computational Number Theory

Free Software for Computer Algebra

Software for Optimization and Geometric Computation

Methods and Software for Computing Mathematical Functions

Access to Mathematics on the Web

General Track

Links to Projects

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