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ICIP 1994: Austin, Texas, USA - Volume 1

Proceedings 1994 International Conference on Image Processing, Austin, Texas, USA, November 13-16, 1994. IEEE Computer Society, ISBN 0-8186-6950-0

MA0: Nonlinear Dynamics in Image Processing

MA1: Multiresolution Representation & Processing I

MA2: Image Coding I

MA3: Document Image Processing

MA4: Image Matching and Object Recognition

MA5: Advanced Digital Video

MA6: Edge Detection

MA7: Image Sequence Processing

MA8: Applications - Biomedical

MA9: Radar Imaging

MP0: Image Processing in Education

MP1: Image Sequence Analysis

MP2: Vector Quantization

MP3: Visualization and Rendering

MP4: Shape Representation and Image Modeling

MP5: Video Coding I

MP6: Image Filtering

MP7: Multiresolution Representation & Processing II

MP8: MRI and Acoustic Imaging

MP9: Image Feature Extraction

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