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ICC 1984: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Volume 3

IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC '84, Links for the Future: Science, Systems & Services for Communications, May 14-17, 1984, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Proceedings, Volume 3. Elsevier

Software Testing for Real-Time Systems

Single-Mode Fiber Land Cable And Its Related Techniques

Direct Broadcast and Future Satellite Systems

Experiences and Strategies of PTT's and Carriers/Operating Companies in Non-Voice Communication

Communication Lasers and Wideband Networks II

Communications Quality Speech At 9.6KBS And Below

Mobile Automatic Telephony Systems, Concepts, And Techniques

Advances in Adaptive Equalization

Tools for Evaluating Computer Network Performance

Recent Advances in Packet Switching

Access to the Geostationary Orbit

Informatic and Telematic Network Architecture and Protocols

Advanced Broadband Networks

Propagation Considerations On Line-Of-Sight Microwave Radio Delay Systems

Social Implications of Videotext

Computer Network Operation And Maintenance

Speech Processing For Communications

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