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2. IC 2001: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Volume 1

Peter Graham, Muthucumaru Maheswaran, M. Rasit Eskicioglu (Eds.): Proceedings of the International Conference on Internet Computing, IC'2001, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, June 25-28, 2001. CSREA Press, 2001, ISBN 1-892512-8-X, Volume 1

Session: Web Mining

Session: Resources Management Technologies for Network-Wide Computing in the Wired and Wireless Internet

Session: XML, Meta Data and Database Access on the Web

Workshop: Product Line Architectures for E-Commerce

Session: XML Data Management and Applications

Session: Agents for E-Business on the Internet

Session: Internet and Multimedia

Session: Wireless Internet: Protocols and Applications

Session: XML

Session: Communication Issues, Networks, IPs, ...

Session: Security Issues

Session: Human Resources and Education

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