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4. EUSFLAT Conference 2005: Barcelona, Spain

Eduard Montseny, Pilar Sobrevilla (Eds.): Proceedings of the Joint 4th Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology and the 11th Rencontres Francophones sur la Logique Floue et ses Applications, Barcelona, Spain, September 7-9, 2005. Universidad Polytecnica de Catalunya 2005, ISBN 84-7653-872-3 CiteSeerX Google scholar pubzone.org BibTeX bibliographical record in XML


Plenary Sessions

S104: Fuzzy Methods in Learning and Data Mining

Real World Applications

Fuzzy Modeling I

S140-I: Fuzzy and Soft Computing Tools in Economy, Business and Management I

Theory of Fuzzy Sets I

Fuzzy Cardinality, Measures and Integrals I

Fuzzy Control II

S105-I: Aggregation Operators I

S103-I: Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems I

S113: Fuzzy Relations I

S116-I: Fuzzy Sets in Probability and Statistics I

Fuzzy Mathematics and Fuzzy Logics I

S105-II: Aggregation Operators II

Theory of Fuzzy Sets II

S140-II: Fuzzy and Soft Computing tools in Economy, Business and Management II

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and >Related Concepts

S109-I: Eventology of Random Fuzzy Sets I

Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems

Fuzzy Neural Networks

Fuzzy Heuristics and Rule Bases

Fuzzyness Probability and Possibility

S107: Soft Computing for Information Access on the Web

S116-II: Fuzzy Sets in Probability and Statistics II

S106: Normal Forms in Fuzzy Approximation and Interpolation

S120: Fuzzy and Soft Computing Techniques in Image Processing

S108: Fuzzy Optimization Models in Real Problems

S114: Fuzzy Relations II

S115: Non Classical Unification and Generalized Logical Models

S150: Soft Computing for Signal Processing

S109-II: Eventology of Random Fuzzy Events II

T-Norms and Related Concepts

Fuzzy Relations and Fuzzy Graphs

S105-III: Aggregation Operators III

Fuzzy Mathematics and Fuzzy Logics II

Decision Making and Optimization

S103-II: Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems II

Knowledge-Based Systems

Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

S130-I: Intelligent Text and Web Mining and Retrieval Issues I

S112: Soft Computing in Bioinformatics

Fuzzy Cardinality Measures and Integrals II

Fuzzy Control III

Data Bases and Data Mining

Theory of Fuzzy Sets III

S130-II: Intelligent Text and Web Mining and Retrieval Issues II

Fuzzy Clustering and Classification

Information Retrieval and Information access on the Web

S105-IV: Aggregation Operators IV

S102: Neural, Neuro-Fuzzy and Statistical Learning Techniques

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