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ASP Forums
Threaded message board implemented with Active Server Pages, Javascript, and VBScript. Any ODBC/SQL compliant database can be used for message storage.
Developer: ASP Forums
Platform: Windows


Bazaar is configurable through template files, allowing the creation of a variety of applications in addition to message boards, such as polls, FAQs, and announcement boards.
Developer: Mike Sosteric
Platform: UNIX (written in Perl)


Simple bulletin board.
Developer: Joe DePasquale
Platform: UNIX (written in Perl)


PHP-based message board with email notification, instant messaging, polls, and other features.
Platform: UNIX


Threaded message board with e-mail notification. Offers several alternative formats for viewing threads.
Developer: Aristole Vathis,
Platform: UNIX, Windows (written in Perl)


Board Power (formerly BigTalker)
A linear message board offering email notification, user profiles, and other features.
Developer: The Webmaster Guide, Inc.
Platforms: UNIX, Windows NT (written in Perl)


Designed for educational use. Prompts students to indicate the type of message being posted.
Developer: Mark Guzdial, Georgia Institute of Technology
Platforms: UNIX, Windows, Macintosh


Allows posting by MIME-compliant e-mail to a Web bulletin board. No longer supported by its authors, but still available.
Developer: Ben Johnson, Paul Walker, and Joan Massó at NCSA
Platform: UNIX


Code Project Discussion Boards
Open source message board, implemented as an Active-X control and ASP scripts.
Developer: Uwe Keim and Chris Maunder
Platform: Windows


Simple system with linear discussions. Also suitable for use as a guestbook.
Developer: Brian Johnson
Platform: Macintosh


COW - Conferencing On Web
Exceptionally powerful for a freeware product. 
Developer: Eric Klavins, San Francisco State University, University of Michigan
Platform: UNIX


Very simple BBS.
Developer: David Wall
Platform: UNIX, Windows (written in Perl)


Designed for use in an educational setting. Very simple to use. Includes an e-mail notification feature.
Developer: Mark Pelczarski, Magic Tree
Platform: Windows


Uses a tree structure for categorizing topics and subtopics, but each discussion is presented as a continuous, linear stream of responses.
Developer: DiscusWare, LLC
Platforms: UNIX, Windows (written in Perl)


FruitWare BBS
Displays all messages in a forum on one page.
Developer: FruitWare
Platform: UNIX (written in Perl)


Developer: Koen Holtman
Platform: UNIX


E-mail gateway: permits Web browsing of a mailing list archive.
Developer: Enterprise Integration Technologies
Platform: UNIX


Allows discussions to be distributed across multiple Web servers.
Developer: Daniel LaLiberte
Platform: UNIX


Flat (linear) message board featuring email notification and instant messaging.
Platform: UNIX (written in Perl)


Allows readers to register approval and interest ratings for each message. Complete source code is freely available.
Developer: Collective Communication Inc.
Platform: Windows


Open source, threaded forum, written in Java.
Platform: UNIX, Windows


Web interface to mailing lists; includes Web browsing of a mailing list archive.
Developer: David W. Baker
Platform: UNIX (written in Perl)


Developer: meep! media, inc.
Platform: UNIX (written in Perl)


E-mail gateway: permits Web browsing of a mailing list or newsgroup archive.
Developer: Earl Hood
Platforms: UNIX, MS-DOS


An open source message board implemented with PHP and MySQL. Features e-mail notification.
Developer: Wankyu Choi
Platform: UNIX


Open Team Support
A Web-based center for collaborative work. Supports discussion, voting, an information repository, and other features. This is a research project still in progress.
Developer: Mike Dilworth
Platform: UNIX (written in Perl)


An open source message board implemented with PHP and MySQL. Features e-mail notification.
Developer: The phpBB Group
Platform: UNIX


PHP/FI Webboard
Simple bulletin board implemented with PHP/FI and MySQL. Sample discussion is in Russian.
Developer: Mark Napartovich
Platform: UNIX


A Usenet News system based on PHP.
Platform: UNIX


An open source message board implemented with PHP and MySQL. Features e-mail notification and moderated posting.
Developer: Brian Moon
Platform: UNIX


A simple open source conferencing system with a linear conversation structure, implemented with PHP and MySQL.
Developer: Steve Yelvington
Platform: UNIX


Simple BBS written in Visual Basic.
Developer: Thies Schrader
Platform: Windows 3.1


An open source news and message board system implemented with Perl and MySQL.
Developers: Patrick Galbraith, Chris Nandor, Brian Aker, and others
Platform: UNIX


Snitz Forums
A feature-rich message board based on ASP.
Developers: Snitz Communications
Platform: Windows, UNIX with ASP-enabled server


Supports both threaded and linear discussions; stores messages in an SQL database.
Developer: KaYue Mak,
Platforms: UNIX, Windows (written in Perl)


Customizable, linear message board.
Developer: Elated Communications, Ltd.
Platforms: UNIX, Windows (written in Perl)


Simple message board implemented with Active Server Pages.
Developer: yMonda
Platform: Windows


Supports collaborative filtering of messages from a mailing list or newsgroup.
Developer: Moe D. Ritter
Platform: UNIX (written in Perl)


Free for personal and nonprofit use.
Platform: UNIX, Windows NT (written in Perl)


Venice Web Communities System
Linear forum system with open source, under development.
Developer: Eric Bowersox and others
Platform: UNIX, Windows (written in Java)


CGI-based Usenet newsreader. Connects directly to NNTP servers. Page layout is configurable through template HTML pages.
Developer: Kasper Peeters
Platform: UNIX


BBS that features a multilingual user interface and ability to upload file attachments to messages. Comes with full source code in PHP.
Developer: Marc Druilhe
Platforms: UNIX, Windows


A template you can hack to suit your own needs. Formerly known simply as "Basic Bulletin Board Script."
Developer: Selena Sol
Platform: UNIX (written in Perl)


WebBBS for NT
A version of WebBBS for Windows NT servers.
Developer: Elite Web Design and Marketing
Platform: Windows NT


Web Course in a Box (WCB)
A tool to help instructors manage course-related Web sites, including discussion forums with file attachments and archives.
Developer: MadDuck Technologies
Platforms: UNIX, Windows, Macintosh


Very widely used.
Developer: Matt Wright
Platform: UNIX


W3 Interactive Talk (WIT)
Highly structured conferencing system designed for group decision making. Probably the first Web conferencing system (created June 1994).
Developer: Ari Luotonen, CERN
Platform: UNIX


A mediation system, i.e. a discussion forum with special support for mediated negotiation. Includes document sharing features.
Developer: GMD
Platform: UNIX, Windows NT (Requires Java and a JDBC-compatible database)


Based on PHP and MySQL. Supports both linear and threaded discussion views. A commercial release is planned, but the original will remain free for noncommercial users.
Developer: Zoltan Nagy
Platform: Linux

Omar R. Hadjar 2002-01-20