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General Purpose Conferencing

Astound Web Conferencing Center
Small group meetings and webcasting of Powerpoint presentations to large groups.
Central offers three software products: Centra Symposium for virtual classrooms, Centra Conference for large group presentations, and Centra eMeeting for meetings. All of these are also available as hosted ASP services through CentraNow.
Click to Meet by First Virtual Communications
Software for collaborative meetings. Features voice and video telephony, streaming media, and data collaboration. Offers an XML-based developer's kit which allows custom applications to be built.
A hosted service meant for engineers and manufacturers. In addition to standard conferencing features, e-Vis offers 2-D and 3-D visualization of models from CAD/CAM systems, project management features, threaded e-mail based discussions, and more.
Grouputer Decisions Suite by Groupthink, Inc.
The software suite features three applications designed to enable different types of meetings: Create for planning and problem solving, Meet for agenda-driven meetings, and Learn for group learning activities such as role play and debate. Available both as licensed software and as a hosted service.
A collaboration service based on Microsoft NetMeeting.
Java-based service designed for meetings, and includes components for scheduling, registration, evaluation, and archiving. This is a remotely hosted service; the software does not run on your server.
Features conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing, and PowerPoint presentations.
Remotely hosted meeting center featuring voice conferencing, document sharing, application sharing and demos, and web tours.
Lotus Sametime
Features instant messaging (compatible with AIM), whiteboard, and application sharing. A developer's toolkit allows building custom applications. Sametime can be used for free at
Remotely hosted service providing web tools for managing and participating in telephone conferences. Also offers web tours, and conferencing via Microsoft NetMeeting.
Offers a virtual shared desktop, in which any Windows application can be run, allowing PowerPoint presentations, collaborative document editing, web tours, etc.
Microsoft Exchange Server
Features instant messaging and chat, audio and video conferencing, data sharing, whiteboard, scheduling, and more. Custom applications can be built.
Designed for large group web broadcasts and presentations. Presentations can include streaming video and audio, PowerPoint presentations, Web tours, and application demos. Voting, polling, and instant messaging between participants is also supported.
Offers a variety of software products for customer interaction, web meetings, and chat.
Free conferencing software from Microsoft.
Conferencing, PowerPoint presentations, whiteboard, web tours, live software demos, polling, streaming video.
Present Online, by
Hosted service offering application sharing, polling, web tours, chat, and whiteboard.
Raindance (formerly Evoke)
Conferencing, presentations, live webcasting, recording and playback of conferences, application sharing, web touring, and live polling.
Sykaro Web Conferencing
Hosted service offering audio and video conferencing, chat, instant messaging, web tours, whiteboard, and polling.
A collaboration service based on Microsoft NetMeeting.
WebDemo, by Linktivity   (SpartaCom Technologies)
Real-time Web-based conferencing available as a licensed server software package.
Offers a Meeting Center for collaborative work, OnCall for customer support interactions, and OnStage for large events and seminars.
Collaboration software offering chat, audio conferencing, whiteboard, presentations, phone, news, email, calendar, shared documents, and more.

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