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Virtual Teams (Online Collaborative Work)

These books cover the use of online communication in the workplace, or by any group working collaboratively toward shared goals.

Intranet Decisions: Creating Your Organization's Internal Network
by Lisa Kimball, Mar 1997

This slender volume is a good nontechnical introduction to intranets, aimed at executives and managers who are considering building an internal network for their organization. It explains what an intranet is, how it can be used to further organizational goals, and practical issues such as budgeting, staffing, and training. The emphasis is on use of the technology to support interaction among people who need to work collaboratively. If you're planning an intranet, the hour or two it takes you to read this book will be time very well spent.

Virtual Teams:
Reaching Across Space, Time, and Organizations With Technology

by Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps, May 1997

The focus here is on teamwork, not technology, which is exactly as it should be. The authors have been helping organizations create successful teams for over 25 years. Using case studies from companies like Sun Microsystems, Eastman Chemical, and NCR, they share best practices that have been key to the success of teams that, for various reasons, cannot regularly meet face to face.

Working Together Online
by Maureen James and Liz Rykert, Aug 1997

This book is a delight to read. In a clear, unpretentious style, the authors take you step by step through the process of setting up a collaborative online workspace, and using it to conduct meetings, reach consensus, and jointly draft documents. Some of the technical information is specific to the online services offered by Web Networks (the nonprofit organization that publishes this book). But the primary focus is on how to get people working productively together online, and this material applies regardless of what software you happen to be using.

The Collaborative Learning Guidebook
by Dori Digenti, June 1999


Community Computing: Collaboration over Global Information Networks
Edited by Toru Ishida, July 1998


Cybermeeting: How to Link People and Technology in Your Organization
by James L. Creighton and James W. R. Adams, Sep 1997
Globalwork: Bridging Distance, Culture, and Time
by Mary O'Hara-Devereaux and Robert Johansen, May 1994
Going Virtual: Moving Your Organization into the 21st Century
by Raymond Grenier, George Metes, Oct 1995
Managing Virtual Teams: Practical Techniques for High-Technology Managers
by Martha Haywood, Oct 1998
Mastering Virtual Teams:Strategies, Tools, and Techniques That Succeed
by Deborah L. Duarte, Nancy Tennant Snyder, Mar 1999
Practical Internet Groupware
by Jon Udell, Oct 1999
Tools for Virtual Teams: A Team Fitness Companion
by Meg Hartzler and Jane E. Henry, Sep 1997
The Virtual Edge: Embracing Technology for Distributed Project Team Success
by Margery Mayer, Feb 1999
Virtual Teaming: Breaking the Boundaries of Time and Place
by Deborah Jude-York, Lauren D. Davis, Susan L. Wise, Oct 1999

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