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Club Sites - General

Anexa, by Paralogic


Assembly, by Nerd World Media


AOL Groups
Must be a paying subscriber to America Online to create a group, but anyone can join one.


AT&T WorldNet Community Port
Must be a paying subscriber to AT&T WorldNet's Internet service in order to build a community. (But your community participants need not subscribe to WorldNet.)


ClueIn, by Inclusion


CommunityZero, by Ramius Corp.
Formerly known as Vicinities.


Delphi Forums


Google Groups (formerly


GroupVine (formerly E-Meet), by GroupServe


InsideTheWeb, by ITW Newcorp


Joint Planning, by Bridgeline Technologies


Lycos Clubs


Network54 (formerly Netbabbler)


Snap Clubs


Operates a series of specialty club sites, including SuperFamily and SuperFriends.


Includes a well-developed chat facility.


Voxtok (in beta testing) (formerly CommunityWare)


Yahoo! Clubs
Also available via GeoCities.


Yahoo! Groups (formerly eGroups)
Not a true forum host, because discussions are conducted by e-mail. But the discussions are archived on the Web, and additional features make Yahoo! Groups similar to other club sites.

Omar R. Hadjar 2002-01-20