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ACCESS TO AND USE OF THE FTP SERVER IS SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All software, documentation, research data, and other materials ("Materials") submitted for installation on the FTP Server will be deemed in the public domain, except for any express restrictions included in such Materials by the submitting party. Neither the RWTH Aachen ("RWTH") nor Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation ("Sun") are responsible for providing notice of or enforcing any such restrictions. All parties submitting Materials to the FTP Server represent and warrant to RWTH and Sun that the submission, installation, copying, distribution, and use of such Materials in connection with the FTP Server will not violate any other party's proprietary rights. Neither RWTH nor Sun are responsible for any errors created in or damage to the Materials as a result of their installation or maintenance on the FTP Server, or their use by anyone accessing the FTP Server. The FTP Server and all Materials maintained on the Server are provided "as is" with no warranties of any kind. RWTH AND SUN DISCLAIM ALL EXPRESS WARRANTIES INCLUDED IN ANY MATERIALS, AND FURTHER DISCLAIM ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSES, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT OF PROPRIETARY RIGHTS. Materials may not be used for any purpose requiring fail-safe performance, or as to which defects in or failure of Materials could cause death, personal injury, or property or environmental damage ("High Risk Activities"). RWTH AND SUN DISCLAIM ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES WITH RESPECT TO HIGH RISK ACTIVITIES. NEITHER RWTH NOR SUN SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, ARISING FROM THE SUBMISSION, INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, TRANSMISSION, COPYING, MODIFICATION, DISTRIBUTION OR ANY USE OF ANY MATERIALS.

(Original disclaimer of Sun SITE Central Europe; copied 26-Apr-2003 to

Note that proceedings volumes published in CEUR-WS include an express restriction of the submitting party as referred to in the text above. Via their copyright phrase, proceedings volumes and their papers are not public domain but they are made freely available only for academic and private purposes! (M. Jeusfeld, 28-Nov-2006)