[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-739

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OKCon 2011
Open Knowledge Conference

Proceedings of the 6th Open Knowledge Conference

Berlin, Germany, June 30 & July 1, 2011.

Edited by

Sebastian Hellmann *
Philipp Frischmuth *
Sören Auer *
Daniel Dietrich **

* Universität Leipzig, Germany
** Technical University Berlin, Germany

Table of Contents

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  1. Working Group for Open Data in Linguistics: Status Quo and Perspectives
    Christian Chiarcos, Sebastian Hellmann
  2. Paragogy
    Joseph Corneli, Charles Jeffrey Danoff
  3. From Geography to physics: How does geography help students learn motion?
    Amit Dhakulkar, Nagarjuna G
  4. Liquidizer
    Stefan Dirnstorfer
  5. Collaborative platforms for streamlining workflows in Open Science
    Konrad U. Förstner, Gregor Hagedorn, Claudia Koltzenburg, M Fabiana Kubke, Daniel Mietchen
  6. Motivations for socio-collaborative learning practices: examining how community and interactions support learning among registered users on OpenLearn
    Kasia Kozinska, Patrick Mcandrew, Ann Jones, Eileen Scanlon
  7. The Open Government Data Stakeholder Survey
    Michael Martin, Martin Kaltenböck, Helmut Nagy, Sören Auer
  8. Shared QA for producing free educational materials at the FTA
    Frans Mofers, Wouter Tebbens, Hanneke Potters, Lex Bijlsma
  9. The emergence of a free culture movement An introductory historical contextualization of online creation communities for the building of digital commons
    Mayo Fuster Morell
  10. The Emergence of Benefit-driven Production
    Christian Siefkes
  11. What kind of a commons is free software?
    Miguel S. Vieira
  12. Short Paper

  13. Developing open & distributed tools for Fablab project documentation
    Anu Määttä, Peter Troxler
  14. Abstracts

  15. Open Data and Family History
    Nick Barratt
  16. Open Images: Towards an Audiovisual Commons
    Maarten Brinkerink
  17. Open Access... but Professionally
    Jacek Ciesielski
  18. GNOWSYS: A Free Semantic Knowledge Studio
    Nagarjuna G.
  19. Open Source Ecology
    Nikolay Georgiev
  20. Who is who in spending the Hungarian public funds?
    Sandor Lederer
  21. Defending Open Data
    Tom Lee
  22. Knowledge for All: Building a Collaborative, International, and Open Citation Database
    Mark Leggott
  23. Wikipedia & Research: The innovative character of Wikipedia research and the new challenges (and opportunities) associated with it
    Mayo Fuster Morell
  24. Open Data in France : an updated state of the art
    Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou
  25. How to study lobbying with crowdsourced OpenData ?
    Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou
  26. BuzzData: a social data hub
    Momoko Price
  27. Double Loop Learning in Work based Settings II
    Olaf Resch
  28. Free Culture Forum and new models for a sustainable creativity
    Jaron Rowan
  29. Beyond DiY: Open Hardware and Renewable Energy
    Javier Ruiz
  30. Open Government Data in Latin America
    Fumega Silvana and Scrollini Fabrizio
  31. Open publishing model in Free Lectures and Free textbooks projects (Modern Poland Foundation) and how they can lead to remix culture
    Kamil Śliwowski
  32. Reinvention for sustainability
    Niels Sprong
  33. Building a Common Master Curriculum on Free Technologies
    Wouter Tebbens, David Jacovkis
  34. Open Econometrics - Towards an open standard in empirical research
    Guo Xu
  35. Google Public Data: Enhancing Data Discovery and Exploration
    Benjamin Yolken

22-Jun-2011: submitted by Philipp Frischmuth
24-Jun-2011: published on CEUR-WS.org