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Business Process Management Demonstration Track 2010

Proceedings of the Business Process Management 2010 Demonstration Track

Hoboken, USA, September 14-16, 2010.

Edited by

Marcello La Rosa

Queensland University of Technology, GPO Box 2434, Birsbane, QLD 4000, Australia

Table of Contents

  1. Signavio-Oryx Academic Initiative
    Matthias Kunze, Mathias Weske
  2. PNav: Process Navigator for the Design of New Business Process Models
    Maya Lincoln, Avigdor Gal
  3. Enabling Process Support for Advanced Applications with the AristaFlow BPM Suite
    Andreas Lanz, Ulrich Kreher, Manfred Reichert, Peter Dadam
  4. MarcoFlow: Modeling, Deploying, and Running Distributed User Interface Orchestrations
    Florian Daniel, Stefano Soi, Stefano Tranquillini, Fabio Casati, Heng Chang, Yan Li
  5. Smart Process Management: Automated Generation of Adaptive Cases based on Intelligent Planning Technologies
    Arturo González Ferrer, Juan Fdez-Olivares, Inmaculada Sánchez-Garzón, Luis Castillo
  6. ProM 6: The Process Mining Toolkit
    Eric Verbeek, Joos Buijs, Boudewijn van Dongen, Wil van der Aalst
  7. Business Process Modeling and Quick Prototyping with WebRatio BPM
    Marco Brambilla, Stefano Butti, Piero Fraternali
  8. bflow* Toolbox – an Open-Source Business Process Modelling Tool
    Heiko Kern, Stefan Kühne, Ralf Laue, Markus Nüttgens, Frank J. Rump, Arian Storch
  9. Scenario-based process modeling with Greta
    Dirk Fahland, Matthias Weidlich
  10. The PrICE Tool Kit: Tool Support for Process Improvement
    Mariska Netjes, Hajo A. Reijers, Wil M.P. van der Aalst
  11. service-technology.org/live - Replaying tool experiments in a Web browser
    Niels Lohmann

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20-Jul-2010: submitted by Marcello La Rosa
20-Jul-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org