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LOAIT 2010
Legal Ontologies and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on
Legal Ontologies and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

European University Institute, Fiesole, Florence, Italy, July 7th, 2010

Edited by

Enrico Francesconi *
Simonetta Montemagni #
Piercarlo Rossi ^
Daniela Tiscornia *

*ITTIG-CNR -- Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques of the Italian national Research Council, Florence (Italy)
# ILC-CNR -- Institute of Computational Linguistics, Pisa (Italy)
^ University of Oriental Piedmont, Turin (Italy)

Table of Contents

    Section I - Legal Knowledge Extraction

  1. Towards Annotating and Extracting Textual Legal Case Elements 9-18
    Adam Wyner
  2. Suggesting Model Fragments for Sentences in Dutch Law 19-28
    Emile de Maat, Radboud Winkels
  3. Multilingual Text Classification through Combination of Monolingual Classifiers 29-38
    Teresa Gonçalves, Paulo Quaresma
  4. Singling out Legal Knowledge from World Knowledge. An NLP-based approach 39-50
    Francesca Bonin, Felice Dell'Orletta, Giulia Venturi, Simonetta Montemagni
  5. Section II - Legal Knowledge Modelling

  6. A URN Standard for Legal Document Ontology: a Best Practice in the Italian Senate 53-68
    Enrico Francesconi, Carlo Marchetti, Remigio Pietramala, Pierluigi Spinosa
  7. Using Intuitionistic Logic as a basis for Legal Ontologies 69-76
    Edward Hermann Haeusler, Alexandre Rademaker, Valeria de Paiva
  8. An Ontological Representation of EU Consular Law 77-86
    Erich Schweighofer
  9. What do you Mean? Arguing for Meaning 87-94
    Tom van Engers, Adam Wyner
  10. Ontologies, ICTs and Law. The International Ontojuris Project 95-102
    Ana Haydée Di Iorio, Bibiana Beatriz Luz Clara, Roberto Giordano Lerena

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28-Jun-2010: submitted by Enrico Francesconi
29-Jun-2010: published on CEUR-WS.org