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Social Simulation and Artificial Societies Analysis

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Social Simulation and Artificial Societies Analysis (SSASA'08)

Barcelona, Spain, November 20-21, 2008.

Organized by


Edited by

Francisco J. Miguel Quesada *

* Department of Sociology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Cerdanyola (Barcelona), Spain

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Table of Contents

  1. SSASA'08 Meeting presentation (Debates on Social Simulation: Levels and Types of Models)
    Francisco J. Miguel Quesada
  2. Socio-Physics and AI approach to Social Sciences Research

  3. Consensus Dynamics in a Dolphin Social Network
    Abdelmalik Moujahid, Blanca Cases and Francisco J. Olasagasti
  4. The Computer Simulation of Social Dynamics and Historical Evolution: The case of “Prehistoric” Patagonia
    Juan A. Barceló, Florencia del Castillo, Laura Mameli and Eduardo Moreno
  5. SDL, A Graphical Language Useful to Describe Social Simulation Models
    Pau Fonseca
  6. Social Behavior Simulator: Estudio de la interacción social con un ser simulado
    Carlos González Tardón
  7. The Analysis of Artificial Societies

  8. Swarm Intelligence: una aplicación a la toma de decisiones colectivas
    Blanca Cases, Francisco J. Olasagasti, Abdelmalik Moujahid y Alicia D’Anjou
  9. ABSS Methodology for Testing Complexity-Levels: Case of Elementary Forms of Sociality
    Francisco J. Miguel Quesada
  10. Marco teórico-sociológico y operativización para modelar un Sistema Multi-Agente sobre la evolución de la religiosidad española
    Millán Arroyo y Samer Hassan
  11. Formalization and Research on Social Norms

  12. Hacia un concepto de norma social integrable en modelos de simulación social multiagente
    Ariadna Güell y Jordi Tena
  13. A Reputation-based Routing Mechanism to Increase Personal Norm Compliance
    Adrian Perreau de Pinninck, Stephen Cranefield, and Carles Sierra

17-Mar-2009: submitted by Francisco J. Miguel Quesada
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