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Supplementary Proceedings of ICCS'08

Supplementary Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Conceptual Structures

Toulouse, France, July 7-11, 2008.

Edited by

Peter Eklund and Ollivier Haemmerlé

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Table of Contents

Page numbers as they appear in hardcopy proceedings distributed to attendees.

  1. Preface, Conference Organisation and Table of Contents
    P. Eklund and Ollivier Haemmerlé, I-IX
  2. Using Automatically Generated Students' Clickable Conceptual Models for E-tutoring
    I. Pascual-Nieto, D. Péréz-Marin, P. Rodríguez, and M. O'Donnell, pages 1-8
  3. Operational Specification for FCA using Z
    Simon Andrews and Simon Polovina, pages 9-16
  4. Ontology Mapping Using Fuzzy Conceptual Graphs and Rules
    Patrice Buch, Juliette Dibie-Barthelemy and Liliana Ibanescu, pages 17-24
  5. Conceptual Graphs with Relators and Roles A GFO Coined View onto CG's Relations
    Alexander Heußner, pages 25-32
  6. Incorporating Probabilistic Knowledge in HealthAgents: a Conceptual Graph Approach
    Madalina Croitoru, Srinandan Dasmahapatra and Paul Lewis, pages 33-40
  7. Using Concept Lattices as a Visual Assistance for Attribute Selection
    Jean Villerd, Sylvie Ranwez and Michel Crampes, pages 41-48
  8. Modelling a dynamic process in the conceptual graph model: extension needed?
    Jean-Rémi Bourguet, Bernard Cuq, Amadou Ndiaye, and Rallou Thomopoulos, pages 49-56
  9. Representing a Computer Science Research Organization on the ACM Computing Classification System
    Boris Mirkin, Susana Nascimento, and Luis Moniz Pereira, pages 57-65
  10. Spatial information fusion: Coping with uncertainty in conceptual structures
    Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr, Robert Jeansoulin and Henri Prade, pages 66-74
  11. Semantic Annotation of Texts with RDF Graph Contexts
    H. Cherfi, O. Corby, C. Faron-Zucker, K. Khelif and M.T. Nguyen, pages 75-82
  12. On concept lattices and implication bases from reduced contexts
    Vaclav Snasel, Martin Polovincak, Hussam M. Dahwa, and Zdenek Horak, pages 83-90
  13. An FCA classification of durations of time for textual databases
    Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen, pages 91-98
  14. An Automated Conceptual Catalogue for the Enterprise
    Richard Hill and Simon Polovina, pages 99-106
  15. Towards a Conceptual Structure based on Type theory.
    Richard Dapoigny and Patrick Barlatier, pages 107-114
  16. A Contribution of a Multi-Viewpoints Semiotics to Knowledge Representation Issues
    Daniel Galarreta, pages 115-122
  17. Semantic Networks to Support Learning
    Philippe A. Martin, pages 115-90
  18. ReCollection: a Disposal/Formal Requirement-Based Tool to Support Sustainable Collection Making
    Francis Rousseaux, Alain Bonardi and Benjamin Roadley, pages 131-138
  19. Finite State Automata and Simple Conceptual Graphs with Binary Conceptual Relations
    Galia Angelova and Stoyan Mihov, pages 139-148
  20. A Framework for Ontology Evaluation
    Muhammad Fahad and Muhammad Abdul Qadir, pages 149-158
  21. Information Fusion using Conceptual Graphs: a TV Programs Case Study
  22. Claire Laudy and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

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