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Ontology for the Intelligence Community

Towards Effective Exploitation and Integration of Intelligence Resources

Proceedings of the Second International Ontology for the Intelligence Community Conference
November 28-29, 2007 Columbia, MD

Edited by

Kathleen Stewart Hornsby, University of Iowa, USA

Sponsored by:

National Center for Ontological Research (NCOR)

University at Buffalo


Table of Contents


1.     Dealing with Mistakes in a Referent Tracking System  

        Werner Ceusters

 2.    Uses of Ontologies in Open-Source Blog Mining                                       

        Brian Ulicny, Chris Matheus, Mitch Kokar, Ken Baclawski

 3.    Policies for Public Domain Ontologies for the Intelligence Community

        Elisa F. Kendall, Jay Jacobs, Deborah L. McGuinness, Stephen Schwab

 4.    The Use of Ontologies to Support Intelligence Analysis

        Richard Lee

 5.    Creating a Geospatial and Visual Information Ontology for Analysts

        Chumki Basu, Hui Cheng, Christiane Fellbaum

 6.    A Multi-INT Semantic Reasoning Framework for Intelligence Analysis Support

        Terry Janssen, Herbert Basik, Mike Dean, Barry Smith

 7.    Ontologies and Probabilities: Working Together for Effective Multi-INT Fusion

        Eric Little, Kathryn B. Laskey, Terry Janssen

 8.    Ontologies for Rapid Integration of Heterogeneous Data for Command, Control, & Intelligence

        S. Stoutenburg, L. Obrst, D. McCandless, D. Nichols, P. Franklin, M. Prausa, R. Sward

 9.    Ontology-Driven Imagery Analysis

        Troy Self, Dave Kolas, Mike Dean

 10.  Ontological Support for Bayesian Evidence Management

        Michael N. Huhns, Marco G. Valtorta

 11.  Achieving Ontology-Assisted Query of Graph Databases

        David Silberberg, Wayne Bethea, Dennis Patrone, Paul Frank, David Patrone, John Gersh, Elisabeth   


12.   Geospatial Ontology Trade Study

        James Ressler, Mike Dean

13.   A Pragmatic Foundation for Defining a Rich Semantic Model of Track

        Rick Hayes-Roth, Curtis Blais

14.   Toward Automated Provability-Based Semantic Interoperability between Ontologies for the Intelligence 


        Andrew Shilliday, Joshua Taylor, Selmer Bringsjord, Konstantine Arkoudas


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