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Proceedings of the

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1999 International Workshop on
Description Logics

Linköping, Sweden
July 30 - August 1, 1999
Edited by

Patrick Lambrix, Linköpings universitet, Sweden.
Alex Borgida, Rutgers University, NJ, USA.
Maurizio Lenzerini, Universita' degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy.
Ralf Möller, University of Hamburg, Germany.
Peter Patel-Schneider, Bell Labs Research, NJ, USA.

DL'99 was held in conjunction with the Sixteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI'99, Stockholm, Sweden, July 31 - August 6 and the Sixth International Workshop on Knowledge Representation Meets Databases, KRDB'99, Linköping, Sweden, July 29-30.

Table of Contents


Invited talks

(Modal) Logics for Semistructed Data
Natasha Alechina

DARPA's High Performance Knowledge Base (HPKB) Program
Robert MacGregor, Deborah McGuinness

Joint session with KRDB99

Reasoning with enhanced Temporal Entity-Relationship Models
Alessandro Artale, Enrico Franconi

Answering Queries Using Views in Description Logics
Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Maurizio Lenzerini

Theory-driven Logical Scaling
Susanne Prediger, Gerd Stumme

Backward Reasoning in Aboxes for Query Answering
Marie-Christine Rousset


Spatial Reasoning for Image Retrieval
Marco Aiello, Carlos Areces, Maarten de Rijke

Description Logics and Feature Interaction
Carlos Areces, Wiet Bouma, Maarten de Rijke

A Proposal for a Description Logic Interface
Sean Bechhofer, Ian Horrocks, Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Sergio Tessaris

Explaining ALC Subsumption
Alex Borgida, Enrico Franconi, Ian Horrocks, Deborah McGuinness, Peter Patel-Schneider

Description Logics for Image Recognition: a preliminary proposal
Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco M. Donini

ICARUS: Intelligent Classification And Retrieval of Unlabelled Scenes
Emilio Domenicucci, Francesco Donini, Marco Schaerf

Applying DLs for Retrieval in Case-Based Reasoning
Pedro A. Gonzales-Calero, Belen Diaz-Agudo, Mercedes Gomez-Albarran

A New Application for Description Logics: Disaster Management
Martina Grathwohl, Francois de Bertrand de Beuvron, Francois Rousselot

Feature-Based Learners for Description Logics
Daniel Kudenko, Haym Hirsh

Integrating Concept-Based Knowledge Bases
Aida Vitoria, Margarida Mamede


Matching in Description Logics with Existential Restrictions
Franz Baader, Ralf Küsters

Rewriting in Description Logics Using Terminologies
Franz Baader, Ralf Molitor

A Suggestion for an n-ary Description Logic
Carsten Lutz, Ulrike Sattler, Stephan Tobies

Computing Least Common Subsumers in Expressive Description Logics
Thomas Mantay

Set Description Languages and Reasoning about Numerical Features of Sets
Hans Jürgen Ohlbach

Reasoning in a Closed Terminology
Francois Rousselot, Francois de Beuvron, Michael Schlick, David Rudloff

ABox Reasoning with Transitive Roles and Axioms
Sergio Tessaris, Graham Gough

On the Complexity of Counting in Description Logics
Stephan Tobies

Systems - performance

*SAT, KSATC, DLP and TA: a comparative analysis
Enrico Giunchiglia, Fausto Giunchiglia, Armando Tacchella

An Empirical Evaluation of Optimization Strategies for ABox Reasoning in Expressive Description Logics
Volker Haarslev, Ralf Möller

Performance of DLP on Random Modal Formulae
Ian Horrocks, Peter F. Patel- Schneider

Systems - descriptions

Systems Comparison
Peter F. Patel- Schneider

Francois de Bertrand de Beuvron, Francois Rousselot, Martina Grathwohl, David Rudloff, Michael Schlick

RACE System Description
Volker Haarslev, Ralf Möller

FaCT and iFaCT
Ian Horrocks

MSPASS: Subsumption Testing with SPASS
Ullrich Hustadt, Renate Schmidt, Christoph Weidenbach

Integrating Descriptions and Classification into a Predicate Calculus Framework
Robert MacGregor

Peter F. Patel-Schneider

*SAT System Description
Armando Tacchella


A Correspondence between Temporal Description Logics
Alessandro Artale, Carsten Lutz

DFL - A Dialog Based Integration of Concept and Rule Reasoners
Mira Balaban, Adi Eyal

On Terminological Default Reasoning about Spatial Information: Extended Abstract
Volker Haarslev, Ralf Möller, Anni-Yasmin Turhan, Michael Wessel

Towards expressive KR systems integrating datalog and description logics: preliminary report
Riccardo Rosati

Short papers

Information Integration through Unification of Feature Structures
Antonio Badia

Analysis of Semantic Networks By Means of Description Logics
Anna Dorofeyeva

Classification problems in object-based representation systems
Amedeo Napoli

Description Logic and Faceted Knowledge Representation
Uta Priss

submitted to CEUR-WS by Patrick Lambrix, July 6, 1999