[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-202

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SemDesk 2006
Semantic Desktop and Social Semantic Collaboration

Proceedings of the
Semantic Desktop and Social Semantic Collaboration Workshop (SemDesk 2006)
located at the 5th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC 2006
6th November 2006, Athens, GA, USA

Edited by

Stefan Decker *
Jack Park %
Leo Sauermann +
Sören Auer #
Siegfried Handschuh *

* DERI, Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway
% SRI, SRI International, Menlo Park
+ DFKI, DFKI German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
# University of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania, 3330 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Table of Contents

  1. Semantic Clipboard - Semantically Enriched Data Exchange Between Desktop Applications
    Gerald Reif, Harald Gall, Martin Morger
  2. An Overview of Information Management and Knowledge Work Studies: Lessons for the Semantic Desktop
    Eyal Oren
  3. A Case Study in Engineering a Knowledge Base for an Intelligent Personal Assistant
    Vinay Chaudhri, Adam Cheyer, Richard Guilii, Bill Jarrold, Karen Myers, John Niekarsz
  4. Method of Retrieving a Web Browsing Experience Using Semantic Periods
  5. Spontaneous Collaboration via Browsing of Semantic Data on Mobile Devices
    Ora Lassila, Deepali Khushraj, Ralph R. Swick
  6. Application Design and Interoperability for Managing Personal Information in the Semantic Desktop
    Huiyong Xiao, Isabel Cruz
  7. PIMO Population and Semantic Annotation for the Gnowsis Semantic Desktop
    Norberto Fernandez-Garcia, Leo Sauermann, Luis Sanchez, Ansgar Bernardi
  8. Supporting Mobile Service Interaction through Semantic Service Description Annotation and Automatic Interface Generation
    Gregor Broll, Sven Siorpaes, Enrico Rukzio, Paolucci Massimo, John Hamard, Matthias Wagner, Albrecht Schmidt
  9. The Beagle++ Toolbox: Towards an Extendable Desktop Search Architecture
    Ingo Brunkhorst, Paul-Alexandru Chirita, Stefania Costache, Julien Gaugaz, Ekaterini Ioannou, Tereza Iofciu, Enrico Minack, Wolfgang Nejdl, Raluca Paiu
  10. SemDAV: A File Exchange Protocol for the Semantic Desktop
    Bernhard Schandl
  11. The Measurable Belief of Trust in Social Networks
    Sanguk Noh
  12. Open Constitution Based Knowledge Communities in the Semantic Web
    Chide Groenouwe, Jan Top
  13. Promiscuous Semantic Federation: Semantic Desktops meet Web 2.0
    Jack Park

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published on CEUR-WS.org, 6-Nov-2006
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