[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-143

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WWW '05
Interoperability of Web-Based Educational Systems

Proceedings of the WWW*05 Workshop on
Interoperability of Web-Based Educational Systems

Chiba, Japan, May 10, 2005.

Edited by

Daniel Olmedilla #
Nobuo Saito +
Bernd Simon *

# L3S Research Center and Hanover University, Hanover, Germany
+ Keio University,  Fujisawa, Japan
* Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Vienna, Austria


Table of Contents

  1. A Model and Infrastructure for Federated Learning Content Repositories
    Daniel R. Rehak, Philip Dodds, Laurence Lannom
  2. A Simple Query Interface for Interoperable Learning Repositories
    Bernd Simon, David Massart, Frans van Assche, Stefaan Ternier, Erik Duval, Stefan Brantner, Daniel Olmedilla, Zoltán Miklós
  3. Interoperability for Peer-to-Peer Networks: Opening P2P to the rest of the World
    Daniel Olmedilla, Matthias Palmér
  4. Query translation between RDF and XML: A case study in the educational domain
    Zoltán Miklós, Stefan Sobernig
  5. Improving Interoperability through better reusability
    Elisabetta Di Nitto, Roberto Tedesco
  6. On Interoperability of Ontologies for Web-based Educational Systems
    Yannis Kalfoglou, Bo Hu, Dave Reynolds
  7. Defining several ontologies to enhance the expressive power of queries
    Bich-Liên Doan, Yolaine Bourda
  8. Learner-centred Accessibility for Interoperable Web-based Educational Systems
    Liddy Nevile, Martyn Cooper, Andy Heath, Madeleine Rothberg, Jutta Treviranus
  9. Knowledge Level Design Support for Adaptive Learning Contents Ontological Consideration on Knowledge Level Structure of SCORM2004 Contents
    Yusuke Hayashi, Mitsuru Ikeda
  10. Ubiquitous Networking for Genes Society: ELearning Tools and Digital Archives for Education with Significant Use of Cultural Heritage Contents
    Susumu Sawai, Toshiko Wakaki, Mitsuru Ikeda, Susumu Kunifuji
  11. Web-based Learning in Remedial Course of Science and Technology
    Hiroto Yamakawa, Fumiko Watanabe, Hiroshi Komatsugawa
  12. Intelligent Agent for eTourism: Personalization Travel Support Agent using Reinforcement Learning
    Anongnart Srivihok, Pisit Sukonmanee

submitted by Daniel Olmedilla , July 13, 2005