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UserSWeb 2005

Proceedings of UserSWeb:
Workshop on End User Aspects of the Semantic Web
Heraklion, Crete, May 29, 2005

Edited by

Martin Dzbor *
Hideaki Takeda #
Maria Vargas-Vera *

* Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA UK
# National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, 101-8430, Japan

Table of Contents

Pages Author(s) Title
1-4 Introduction and Table of Content Martin Dzbor (editor)
5-17 Annotea and Semantic Web Supported Collaboration Marja-Riitta Koivunen (invited talk)
19-32 MoRe semantic web applications Maksym Korotkiy
Jan L. Top
33-42 Ontology-based info extraction for market monitoring Diana Maynard
Milena Yankova
Alexandros Kourakis
Antonis Kokossis
43-57 Building semantic web applications as information/knowledge sharing systems Hideaki Takeda
Ikki Ohmukai
59-68 Semantic navigation with VIeWs Paul Buitelaar
Thomas Eigner
Stefania Racioppa
69-83 Ontology mapping with domain specific agents in AQUA Miklos Nagy
Maria Vargas-Vera
Enrico Motta
85-92 Semantically correct Visio Christian Fillies
Frauke Weichhardt
Bob Smith
93-98 The table metaphor: A representation of a class and its instances Jan Henke
99-109 User profiling for interest-focused browsing history Miha Grcar
Dunja Mladenic
Marko Grobelnik
111-124 Towards overcoming limitations of community portals Anna V. Zhdanova
125-136 Supporting user tasks and context: Challenges for Semantic Web research Tom Heath
Martin Dzbor
Enrico Motta
137-147 Web usage driven adaptation of the semantic web Alexander Mikroyannidis
Babis Theodoulidis
149-159 Applying collaborative filtering to corporate data Miha Grcar
Dunja Mladenic
Marko Grobelnik
161-175 Information delivery for the end user of the semantic web Krzysztof Wecel
Anna V. Zhdanova
177-187 Web mining for user-centered semantic web Junichiro Mori
Yutaka Matsuo
Koichi Hashida
Mitsuru Ishizuka

The papers also appeared in the workshop proceedings titled "UserSWeb: Workshop on End User Aspects of the Semantic Web", Martin Dzbor, Maria Vargas-Vera and Hideaki Takeda (Eds.), which took place in conjunction with 2nd European Semantic Web Conference, Crete, 2005.

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