[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-135

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SFSW '05
Scripting for the Semantic Web

Proceedings of the SFSW 05 Workshop on
Scripting for the Semantic Web

Hersonissos / Crete / Greece, May 30, 2005.

Edited by

Sören Auer *
Chris Bizer +
Libby Miller #

* University of Leipzig, Institut für Informatik (IfI), Augustusplatz 10-11, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
+ Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Produktion, Wirtschaftsinformatik und OR, Garystr. 21, 14195 Berlin, Germany
# @semantics, Corso Sangallo 27, I-52048 Monte San Savino (Arezzo), Italy,

Table of Contents

  1. RAP: RDF API for PHP
    Radoslaw Oldakowski, Christian Bizer, Daniel Westphal
  2. ARC: appmosphere RDF Classes for PHP Developers
    Benjamin Nowack
  3. Generating RDF Models from LDAP Directories
    Sebastian Dietzold
  4. Deep Integration of Scripting Languages and Semantic Web Technologies
    Denny Vrandecic
  5. MT-Redland: An RDF Storage Backend for Movable Type
    Gregory Todd Williams
  6. Getting music recommendations and filtering newsfeeds from FOAF descriptions
    Oscar Celma, Miquel Ramírez, and Perfecto Herrera
  7. HyperJournal, PHP scripting and Semantic Web technologies for the Open Access
    Michele Barbera, Francesca Di Donato, Giovanni Tummarello, Christian Morbidoni
  8. From Graph to GUI: Displaying RDF Data from the Web with Arago
    Hannes Gassert and Andreas Harth
  9. Powl - A Web Based Platform for Collaborative Semantic Web Development
    Sören Auer

submitted by S. Auer, June 16, 2005