[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-118

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Core Ontologies in Ontology Engineering 2004
(Un)Successful cases and best practices for ontology engineering:
reusing well-founded ontologies for domain content specification.

Proceedings of the EKAW*04 Workshop on
Core Ontologies in Ontology Engineering

Northamptonshire (UK), October 8, 2004.

Edited by

Aldo Gangemi
Stefano Borgo

Laboratory for Applied Ontology (ISTC-CNR), Italy

Table of Contents

S. Borgo, A. Gangemi

  1. Some Industrial Experiences in the Development and Use of Ontologies (slides here)
    M. West
  2. Epistemology and Ontology in Core Ontologies: FOLaw and LRI-Core, two Core Ontologies for Law (slides here)
    J. Breuker, R. Hoekstra
  3. Patterns, Properties and Minimizing Commitment: Reconstruction of the GALEN Upper Ontology in OWL (slides here)
    A. L. Rector, J. Rogers
  4. A Core Ontology of Fishery and its Use in the Fishery Ontology Service Project (slides here)
    A. Gangemi, F. Fisseha, J. Keizer, J. Lehmann, A. Liang, I. Pettman, M. Sini, M. Taconet
  5. Designing and Using an Audio-Visual Description Core Ontology (slides here)
    A. Isaac, R. Troncy
  6. OntoKADS:  a Core Ontology for Developing Expertise Models for the CommonKADS Methodology (slides here)
    S. Bruaux, G. Kassel

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