[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-115

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Third International Workshop on
Applications of Description Logics

Proceedings of the KI-04 Workshop on
Applications of Description Logics
Ulm, September 20-21, 2004.

Edited by

Sean Bechhofer, University of Manchester.
Volker Haarslev, Computer Science Department, Concordia University, Montreal.
Carsten Lutz, Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, TU Dresden.
Ralf Moeller, Hamburg University of Science and Technology

Table of Contents

  1. Content-based Image Retrieval by Ontology-based Object Recognition
    J.P. Schober, Th. Hermes, O. Herzog
  2. Implementing the Instance Store
    S. Bechhofer, I. Horrocks, D. Turi
  3. Query Answering Systems in the Semantic Web
    B. Glimm, I. Horrocks
  4. Querying the Semantic Web with Racer + nRQL
    V. Haarslev, R. Moeller, M. Wessel
  5. Design and Implmentation of a Benchmark Testing Infrastructure for the DL System Racer
    A. Kaya, K. Selzer
  6. The Need for an n-ary Existential Quantifier in Description Logics
    M. Theißen
  7. Inconsistency Detection between UML Models Using Racer and nRQL
    R. Van Der Straeten
  8. Development of an Intelligent Tutor for Description Logics
    Chr. Kemke, S. Mithun
  9. Implementing Matching in ALN
    S. Brandt, H. Liu
  10. Deciding Weak Monadic Second-order Logics using Complex-value Datalog
    D. Toman

submitted by Ralf Moeller, October 07, 2004