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Aachener Informatik-Berichte (AIB)


Well, PostScript is quite standard. Nevertheless, the files were produced on different machines using different text processing software and then sent to me. So the result is a bunch of different PostScript files - of which not all may produce correct output on your local printer. If you are a PostScript expert and have solved a problem with a certain file, please let me know!

Since 2002, you may additionally submit a PDF-version.

A4 size / US legal size

Papers are distributed in A4 size. US legal size is shorter, so maybe your printer does not accept the PostScript file at all, or some text is cut off. In the first case, try to replace the string @a4 by @legal in the PostScript file; in the second case pstops offers the possibility of changing the scaling and the horizontal and the vertical offset of the printout: E.g.
pstops "1:0@.97(0,1cm)" infile outfile
scales down to 97 percent and lifts the page up one centimeter.

Page Order

Some printers produce double sided output, so papers with an odd page number and descending page order are printed a bit messy. I will try to distribute only ascending-ordered papers in the future. If you wish to reverse pageordering, use
pstops 1:-0 infile outfile

Problems with specific reports
Causes problems, no solution found yet. quite big. In the file 92-44.tar you find a splitted version, which may work better.