KRDB97: Final Program

Athens, Greece, August 30, 1997

The KRDB97 workshop will be held at Astir Palace Resort at Vouliagmeni, a location 9 Km from the Athens Airport and south of the city of Athens. Participation is by invitation only. Participants should refer to VLDB97 registration for booking hotel and payment of the VLDB97 conference fee (required).


Session 1:  Query Processing in Heterogeneous Environment

M. Staudt, J.U. Kietz, U. Reimer (long)
ADLER: An Environment for Mining Insurance Data

Yangjun Chen, Wolfgang Benn
Building DD to Support Query Processing in Federated Systems

P. Godfrey, J. Gryz
Semantic Query Caching for Hetereogeneous Databases

Nick Roussopoulos
Materialized Views and Data Warehouses

10:30-11:00: Coffee break


Session 2: Architectures for Accessing Heterogeneous Sources

Sonia Bergamaschi, Claudio Sartori (long)
An Approach for the Extraction of Information from Heterogeneous Sources
of Textual Data

Felix Saltor, Elena Rodriguez
On Intelligent Access to Heterogeneous Information

D.P. Miranker, V. Samoladas
Alamo: An Architecture for Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources

John Cardiff, Tiziana Catarci, Giuseppe Santucci
Exploitation of Interschema Knowledge in a Multidatabase System

G.J. Houben, F. Dignum
Integrating Information for Organized Work (long)

13:00-14:15: Lunch at workshop hotel


Session 3: Amalgamating Knowledge Representation and Database Techniques

Bill Hills, Barry Florida-James, Nick Rossitter
Semantic Equivalence in Engineering Design Databases

Paul-Th. Kandzia, Christian Schlepphorst
DOOD and DL - Do we need an Integration?

15:00-15:30: Coffee break


Session 4: Views over Heterogeneous Information Sources

T. Catarci, L. Iocchi, D. Nardi, G. Santucci (long)
Conceptual Views over the Web

Kazumasa Yokota, Yutaka Banjou, Takashi Kuroda
Extensions of Query Processing Facilities in Mediator Systems

Elke A. Rundensteiner, Amy J. Lee, Anisoara Nica (long)
On Preserving Views in Evolving Environments

Eric Hughes, Daryl Morey, Arnon Rosenthal
Quality of Service in Knowledge Collection and Management

Vinay K. Chaudhri, Peter D. Karp
Querying Schema Information

around 20:00: Workshop dinner in a Greek taberna (informal)


M. Jeusfeld, 20-Aug-1997